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December, 2014

Main habitat structure completed and ready for shipping.

November, 2014

Main structure components completion and integration

November, 2014

SHEE structure completion at University of Tartu, Estonia

November, 2014

SHEE research presented at ASTECH Conference 2014, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

October, 2014

Virtual interactive tour now available online

August, 2014

Main structure out of molds

5 August, 2014

SHEE research presented at AIAA Space Forum 2014, San Diego, CA

May, 2014

Construction Started

20 April, 2014

Outreach in Estonia: Priit Kull from Tartu University in the Ahhaa-center

18 March, 2014

SHEE presented at NASA Ames Research Center (A. Bukley, ISU)

19 December, 2013

SHEE features in the AIAA Aerospace America Journal in Space Architecture section by David Nixon

26 November, 2013

Scientists preparing for the habitat construction in Estonia
12 November, 2013

SHEE features in Beyond the Sky
Space research : space research projects under the 7th framework programme for research (5th call)

24 September, 2013

SHEE offers research platform in China

24 September, 2013

SHEE presented at IAC 2013 in China by O. Doule (SPIN)
Presentation handout for download

24 September, 2013

IAC 2013 in Beijing China, plenary session

20 September, 2013

Research paper "Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments (SHEE) - An Investigation of Design and Construction Principles" will be presented at IAC 2013 in Beijing, China, at:

Session: 1. Strategies & Architectures as the Framework for Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and Development
30 August, 2013

SHEE selected concept visualization

15 March 2013

S.H.E.E. Brings Space Architecture to Earth
10 February 2013

Europejski projekt habitatu otrzymuje dofinansowanie
6 February 2013

S.H.E.E. Brings Space Architecture to Earth: Pan-European Consortium Launches an Innovative Project