SHEE consortium at Kick Off Meeting, Bruxelles, January 8, 2013.
Top left to right (partner number): Priit Kull (4), Tauri Tatte (4), Alvo Aabloo (4), Vratislav Saleny (6), Chris Welch (1), Jeremi Gancet (3), Ondrej Doule (7), Michel Ilzkovitz (3), Pierre Letier (3), Peter Weiss (5)
Bottom left to right: Christos Ampatzis (REA), Angie Bukley (1), Barbara Imhof (2), Stephen Ransom (2), Waltraut Hohender (2)

  1. International Space University – FRANCE
    WP1 leader - Project management
    WP8 leader - Habitat operations
  2. LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH – AUSTRIA
    WP2 leader - Review state-of-the-art of robotics and architecture
    WP3 leader - Concept identification and selection
    WP4 leader - System engineering and detailed design
    WP10 leader - Technical coordination
  3. Space Applications Services N.V. – BELGIUM
  4. Institute of Technology, University of Tartu – ESTONIA
    WP6 leader - Self-deployable habitat technology testbed manufacture
  5. Compagnie Maritime D Expertises S.A. – FRANCE
    WP7 leader - Assembly, integration and testing
  6. Sobriety s.r.o. – CZECH REPUBLIC
    WP5 leader - Design optimization and virtual simulations
  7. Space Innovations, v.o.s. – CZECH REPUBLIC
    WP9 leader - Dissemination and outreach

    Members of international Scientific Advisory Board:
    Dr. A. Scott Howe, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
    Tracy R. Gill, NASA Kennedy Space Center, USA
    Dr. Steven Dubowsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Dr. Milan Cermack, Memorial University, Canada
    Tetsuji Yoshida, CSP-Japan Inc.