The SHEE project is based on long-term research in architecture, motivated by efforts to stimulate development in architecture and point out integration of current technologies for benefit of its users. The research shows that there exist common design drivers in extreme environments on earth and in space. Initial design solutions for more extreme environments of space can be effectively utilised in extreme environment conditions on the Planet for benefit of terrestrial architecture development. This approach, including satisfaction of habitat needs in outer space and terrestrial critical extreme environment conditions, allows efficiency gains and economies of scope because the same investment has dual purposes and related added-values.

Space architecture can significantly contribute in areas such as: technical infrastructure integration in the ergonomic habitat structure, autonomous ecological living, advanced materials application and robotics integrated in architecture pursuing sustainable development. The SHEE research project explores and applies these areas of concerns and related solutions during design of the habitat testbed.

The SHEE project develops a key architecture research idea initiated by architect Ondrej Doule, Ph.D. (Space Innovations, v.o.s.) at the International Space University in Strasbourg (France).

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